How to Nail White Balance Every Time: Discovering the ExpoDisc

by Betsy Davis

"I’m going to be honest with you. When it comes to White Balance, I have always been one to shoot in Auto White Balance (AWB) mode and “fix it later.” “It’s such a quick, easy fix in post-processing,” I told myself. Until it wasn’t. I’ve begun noticing just how inaccurate my AWB setting is in my camera, and found myself spending a lot more time than I needed to correcting white balance in post-processing. It became a time-suck, and was slowing me way down. One of my goals this year was to evaluate my workflow and find ways to save time on the things that were costing me the most time. You know what was near the top of my list? You guessed it. White Balance. It was time for a change. I needed to focus on how to nail white balance in camera. That’s when I decided to try the ExpoDisc.

*Note:  This post is not sponsored by ExpoDisc. This is a real world experience that we are excited to share with you!"

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Pro Review: ExpoDisc from ExpoImaging

Featured Product: ExpoDisc from ExpoImaging

Clickin Moms Pro: Kate Luber, Kate Luber Photography

"What were your first impressions of the ExpoDisc? My first impression of the ExpoDisc is that it looked a fly’s eye! The many facets capture the light coming from all angles to create a color profile of the light coming into the lens. Based on that information, the camera is able to accurately set white balance and exposure. In the package, you will find an ExpoDisc in a rubbery carrying case, two warming filters, and a lanyard."

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